The Best Sex Enhancement Pills For Men In 2022 (Rated By Women)

The first medication we’re going to discuss is called libido max, and right on the cover of this medication, it says that his doctor developed male enhancement pills, but I went on the website and I couldn’t find any information about a physician that actually claims to have developed this medication.

So I’m not sure if that claim is actually true. Also on the website, I’m gonna read directly from the website. It says this product contains a chemical known in the state of California to cause cancer and or birth effects or other reproductive harm. So I would immediately say, please, don’t take this medication because there is a chance that there is some medication that’s been linked to cancer somewhere. The first active ingredient in this medication is L Aine. You’re gonna see this in a lot of the medications we review, and this is actually a precursor for what’s called nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is a key component of the ability for someone to obtain an erection. So what happens is when you have nitric oxide, it allows the blood vessels to open up so that blood can flow into the penis and cause Esen or erection.

And so without nitric oxide, you can’t have an erection. So in theory, this sounds like yes, L arginine is an important part and could potentially improve erections. They have done studies on this specific compound. They found that the data is mixed, probably a dose of five milligrams of L Aine a day may be helpful, but it’s most likely helpful in people who already have some vessel disease so that it helps open up those vessels. So patients who have cardiovascular disease or other blood vessel diseases, this may be good for them. There’s also a number of side effects that actually none of these pills seem to have any side effects. But when you look at the individual ingredients, they are listed as having some side effects, including cramping, nausea, abdominal pain, or bloating. And so you might get some abdominal discomfort or belly discomfort. When you take this medication, you also wanna be careful taking this in. If you have a history of asthma or a reactive airway disease can actually be worsened by taking anything with L Aine in it. Also, if you have low blood pressure, liver disease or any genetic conditions, this can be concerning. And so you wanna avoid these medications. If you have any of those problems, the next active ingredient.

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