The Best Sex Pills For Men In 2022 (According to Women)

So I’m taking a minute because I’ve gotten so many questions about what supplement to take. So you’ve gotten my cheat sheet, the one that kinda lists my top 15 herbs for erectile dysfunction. So what happens is a lot of you all messaged me and are like, okay, this is great, but what do you recommend? What are some brands that you recommend? So today I’m gonna give you my number one pick for the erectile function, which I think is really important because we have options other than just like Cialis and Viagra and all those cool things they work, but are they really helping get to the issue? And I think the cool thing that I like about supplements and why they’re so important is that we’re working on the things that we know are important, right?

We’re working on blood flow, we’re working on nerve erectile function, we’re working on all of those things that actually tend to be the problem when we’re dealing with erectile dysfunction. So if you know me, you know, we talk about Erectile function, so, so let’s get to it. So my top choice for erectile function is going to be Vigor X plus. And it’s interesting because this has been a tough thing for me because cuz I’m always looking for supplements. People are always sending me stuff to try on my patients. And when I first got introduced to it, I was kinda like I don’t know. I went to the website and I wasn’t quite convinced it wasn’t until a colleague of mine told me, Hey, Dr. Rachel, I’ve had these amazing results with erectile function and this product. So I’m gonna go through and talk a little bit about what is important to me when it comes to erectile function.

You know, I’ve been doing this for years now and really when it boils down to erectile function, these are things that are important. Blood flow is important. Testosterone levels are important. Nerve Erectile function is important. Anxiety levels are important. So, prostate erectile function is important. And all of that is kind of what goes into erectile functions. So kind of let’s get to it. So first thing, first component that it has in it. And so I wasn’t, for me, I was looking for a supplement that combined at least half of my list into one and that worked. So I found it. So the first thing that it has in it is saw Palm meadow. You may see this a lot when it comes to prostate health and it’s great for the prostate, but it also increases libido, improves muscle strength. So that’s why it’s really important. So the next one is Damian. So you remember this one, this kind of boost of desire. This comes outta the Caribbean and Damian is known to kind of just make you feel a, a little more sexual right then it’s also got Trius in it. Now, if you know anything about Trius, then you know that the big thing with Trius is that clinically we’ve seen some improvements In Testosterone levels and stamina.

That’s it for me today! I hope you’ve enjoyed my reading and I wish you a good day.

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